Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Wobinna’s Dream Home Contest: Submission #4 Condo

Wo-Built Inc. Design Competition 2010 Wobinna Your Dream House: Condo, illustration by Dawn Palfreyman

Image: Design Competition 2010
Wobinna Wants to Know: What's Your Dream House? Is It ...
#4 ... Maybe Simplifying Your Living Space, Like a Condo ...
Illustration by Dawn Palfreyman
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New idea from the Wo-Built staff, this time a dreamhouse concept of simplifying living space, like an apartment in a condo .

The Condo
My dream house is a low-rise, 2-bedroom condominium with a walk-in closet that nestles on a quiet tree-lined street in the middle of the city. It would have to have a balcony preferably overlooking a park and be close to shopping and transportation. I’ve come to this conclusion over my lifetime.

At different stages of my life, I’ve lived in a variety of dwellings in different locations, so I’ve had a bit of time to realize what my “dream house” would truly be. I’ve lived in houses as well as apartments. I’ve learned that houses, although they have their perks, require a lot of upkeep. The time, maintenance and expense can be considerable and that this can impact on lifestyle as well.

An apartment is more compact, requires less upkeep as well as cleaning. And there are always neighbors close by. A condominium offers the opportunity of home ownership with all the perks of apartment living.

In short the "C"s have it for me: a Condo that’s
  • Compact (easy on maintenance, in that someone else does it and smaller to keep clean),
  • Close (to my neighbors) and
  • Convenient (to all the amenities).
Lonya is the staff writer for Wo-Built Inc.

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paula said...

Having a condo is my dream house too.

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Unknown said...

Hi Paula, We will be having a competion for dream homes later and would look forward to your submission and/or ideas.

Ray Brickman said...

If you really want simplified living, then you might choose to live in a condo unit.

Ray Brickman
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