Thursday, 26 August 2010

Wobuilteco Is Our Eco Green Building Blog

Screenshot: Eco Green Building Blog of Wo-Built: Designing Building and Being Green, by wobuiltScreenshot: Eco Green Building Blog
Wo-Built Inc's commitment on Being Green, Designing
and Building Green and Sharing our Knowledge

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"This forum will showcase designs, innovative ideas, opinions, green construction and eco-friendly information.


Announcing Wo-Built's Eco Blog,
by Martina Ernst, CEO - Wo-Built Inc

Our mission statement did not specifically mention "Green Construction" however we want to be known for our innovative design and construction. This includes of course looking at sustainability of buildings, their environmental footprints and their energy effectiveness. Green design can take many forms and there is no fixed template. Every situation is different, but we look in our designs for green possibilities.

We at Wo-Built are dedicated to being environmentally conscious and have embraced "Green Construction" in all our projects. As such, we have decided to start a blog devoted to all environmental issues. We will explore topics that have to do with conservation, energy efficiency, green products, green building and much more. We are also interested in how design can impact on "green living".

So tune in and view our blog at to get up on the latest in green living!

Happy green reading!

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