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Plan and Start Your Renovation Now

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Call to Action: Spring Is Renewal Time – Plan and Start Your Renovation Now!

Spring is our favourite time of year. Trees and shrubs get new leaves, perennials grow out of the ground and there is a general sense of renewal, of new life and new beginnings. It is also the time to loose the doldrums, the dull, listless, depressed mood and low spirits that stagnate out thinking and actions during the winter months. Personally we feel more energetic during this time and some of our best ideas in the past were conceived in this period. We think spring is a great time to design a new house, an addition or just plan a renovation.

The same sense for renewal is for homes. Spring traditionally is the time for cleaning. Colder climate probably prohibited a proper cleaning during the winter months and once the temperatures became warmer cloth and bedding could be dried out, dusting could be done before large amount of insects hatched and the house could be properly aired.

Though our heating and ventilation technologies have long superseded this thinking the traditions have survived and we still make more decisions for the home in the spring than during the winter months. Renovations are also more likely to start in the spring even though internal building work can be done during the winter. We still like to open windows for ventilation to let the dust out.

Our advice: take the new energy you have; your sense of renewal and channel it to plan or initiate the home renovations you wanted to do for months or even years. If you are planning a large renovation with a lot of external work you have to bear in mind that the construction period in Canada is relatively short. But if you are stuck and need ideas deciding what to do we can help. Call us 416-402-2679.

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