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Our Anime PR Avatar WoBinna First Anniversary

Construction company avatar WoBinna first anniversary, by wo-built inc.Collage: Our Anime WoBinna Is Turning One
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WoBinna and Friends – Happy Birthday - Our anime is turning one.

It has been a year since WoBinna and her friends came onto the scene and helped us to promote Wo-Built’s mission of encouraging young women to consider the building trades as a career. We had great fun bringing you stories where WoBinna shares her design and building experiences and her love for the building trades.

WoBinna is based on the collective experiences of the Wo-Built team, our experiences on site and life, even our aspirations when we were children.

My own personal favourites are: “A fabulous doll house” and the follow-up “A star is built”, “A summer job project like no other” , and "Class assignment" with a petroleum pelican getting the green message out.

Enjoy!!!! For more stories: and

We wanted WoBinna’s stories to be humorous and interesting to encourage debate about the trades amongst young people and hopefully plant a seed to consider the building trades an alternative career. The building trades face a crisis in the next few years as more and more qualified trades people will retire. The industry has not managed to inspire a lot of interest in young people to do apprenticeships and WoBinna is our attempt to engage them in discussions.

I grew up with sophisticated comics, such as Asterix and Obelix by René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo; and I have always liked animation. When I first envisaged WoBinna three years ago I had an Archibald "Archie" Andrews’ look and feel in mind, created by Vic Bloom and Bob Montana; mainly because this comic deals with teenagers. But recently I have been intrigued by the Japanese based manga style and I believe WoBinna would do well in this genre. Much more hip and fun, more contemporary. So look out for a change in WoBinna again - another make over is on the way.

We want to spread the news about WoBinna much more than we have and we need your help!!! We invite everyone to share WoBinna’s stories with their friends, schools and anyone who would like to start career discussions with young people. Or just share the stories, because you love them.

Martina Ernst
Wo-Built Inc. - Innovative Design and Build

Young Blond Female Anime Avatar
Credit: MS Office Clipart - MC900440373

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