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What Do These Three Renovation Projects Have In Common?

comparison of three renovation projects: classic, ranch and tower, by wo-built incCollage: A Comparison of Three Renovation Projects:
the Classic, the Ranch and the Tower,
What Do These Projects Have in Common?
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A comparison of three renovation projects: the Classic, the Ranch and the Tower:

1. The Classic - Design and Build Project
A second floor was added on a one storey bungalow and over the garage. The first floor was gutted and rearranged into open plan concept.

2. The Ranch - Design and Build Project
Second storey was added to one storey bungalow. The client wanted a ranch style house with large overhangs. We were able to achieve this without compromising the daylight in the interior spaces.

3. The Tower - Design and Build Project
Tiny one storey bungalow was transformed effectively into a three storey building with a large loft studio overlooking the floor below. The walls and the foundation of the existing building could not support the new structure and a large steel structure had to be built to take the load.

What do these three projects have in common? On first glance the three projects look very different, from traditional to modern, and do not seem to have a lot in common.

However, they all are:
  • Design and build Projects
  • Classified as home renovations
  • Primarily a second storey addition
  • Candidates for Committee of Adjustment hearings
Or all of the projects have:
  • A new build area is approximately 1000 - 1200 square feet
  • Started off as a small bungalow
  • Extensive renovations on existing floors
  • Medium priced finishes
  • An emphasis on daylight
Interesting what is also similar are the cost and construction time:
  • Design costs (including existing structure investigation, engineers and permit) of $12,000 to $20,000
  • Construction cost between $300,000 to $400,000 including taxes
  • A construction time of approx 6-8 months
Hence in conclusion, regardless of style, with a project of this size with extensive existing floor renovations it is most likely that most of this list will be similar.

If you have your own vision or version of a project of this size we can help in determining if the basic facts of the list holds true. The charm of a project lies in the variety within the list.

Martina Ernst
Wo-Built Inc. - Innovative Design and Build

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Unknown said...

This is a very interesting article. "The Tower" looks very similar to what I had done to my Georgetown home by Four Brothers LLC. Excellent Work!