Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Entering the Next Phase of Our Brand: Boutique, Green, Commercial Contractors

Wo-Built Brand: Boutique, Green, Commercial ContractorsWo-Built - Building the Next Phase of the Brand
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When we started the business all we had was the name: Wo-Built (short for women built) and the determination to help women in the construction industry.

Note to anyone considering names for businesses: The letter 'W' will always list towards at the bottom of directories. Next time we will start with an 'A' in front somehow.

We had no marketing material, no logo, not even a clear idea of a tag line, but we had to get out there and start hitting the drums. No projects – no mentoring. So we produced quickly simple business cards from a template and a couple of months later bought a logo idea from a website which we incorporated.

The tag lines the vision builder was created and, of course, renovations with a woman’s touch. After a few months we developed the logo figure which we lovingly named WoBinna. Later WoBinna became the name of our anime.

The logo embodied what we were about, a women run company building our clients’ visions for their homes and commercial spaces and building our social missions for women and the community. When we first started we were aiming for renovation work to be able to employ women. As the company is 100% women owned the tag line 'renovations with a woman’s touch' was appropriate.

Fast forward 3 years and the brand has gained in depth. We should have realized that with both Elida’s and mine extensive experience with large projects, building home additions would be natural. Also with both of our design backgrounds aiming for interesting designs is a given. Hence, Wo-Built is becoming a boutique design and build company which aims to produce interesting projects for our clients, both residential and commercial. We are still committed to helping women in construction, but we are also committed to green. We are entering the next phase, the niche growing phase.

Over the next few months we will revisit our logo and the taglines to see how the new phase can be visualized and still incorporate our original values. Luckily our corporate colour is already green.

Martina Ernst
Wo-Built Inc. - Innovative Design and Build

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