Tuesday, 1 March 2011

My Idea of a GlassHouse: the PolygHome

PolygHome glass home, National Home Show Toronto 2011, photo-collage by wo-built inc.Photo-Collage: National Home Show 2011
Glass Home, Built by Concept PolygHome with Interiors by Debby Travis
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Large beam spans, lots of glazing, open concept, double height ceiling and the feeling of space – my sort of glasshouse and if asked, would live in it in a heartbeat. I must admit, during the National Home Show I went back several times and let myself dream a little bit, of course in the right setting such as a lake front, mountains views and other wonderful areas.

Some of the features of the bioclimatic architecture house, the prefabrication, the use of recycled wood, the warm/cool air across the curtain walls to minimize heat loss and gain, the use of natural ventilation, sun heat gain storage and rainwater recovery make this concept a very attractive green design.

In our Dream Home Contest: Conservatory write-up we looked at a concept that had satellite buildings for living around a large conservatory. The PolygHome House is the closest I have seen so far.

This house needs a large setting, but a scaled down version for city could be possible and we would love to try and design it for you.

Martina Ernst
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Wobinna’s Dream Home Contest: Submission #1 Conservatory

PolygHomes - Concept PolygHome - Bioclimatic architecture houses

The Concept PolygHome PDF Presentation:
PolygHome: A Bioclimatic Home! + "Range of Vision" with PolygHome. + An Ecological Structure.

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