Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Why Do We Use Facebook in Our Construction Business?

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Facebook helps you connect and share with the people in your life.
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Why do we use Facebook in our business? For the same reason we use Twitter, LinkedIn, Blog and other social media avenues. To create a buzz around our design and build business, Wo-Built, the construction industry as a whole, and to entice women to become more interested in having a career in the building trades.

About a year ago we started embracing social media as the way to connect to people. We are a company that is strongly community focused and many of our initiatives are designed to help women, the community and the environment. But we need the world to get to know us, what we stand for; of course we also want to show off our achievements. In the past due to our social mission the written press was interested in reporting about us and though this was a great endorsement, it is not constant exposure. Social media gives us the chance to update on an ongoing basis.

Facebook is a great tool for us. A) It is easy to use. B) It allows us to have a page for friends for special messages and a page that is visible to everyone. It permits us to stay in contact with friends quickly, by dropping them a line, comment on their posts or just liking what they said. It lets us dialog with our friends and hopefully helps them understand what the company is about. We had marketing successes with Facebook; people found us and called us for renovation and construction estimates.

One of the most interesting aspects of Facebook and Twitter for me is that I can research and view interesting up to date articles and pictures about art and architecture, the green technology and other design related subjects that friends and strangers are willing to share. For me it is a learning tool.

It is also a great way of letting everyone know about events. We have just posted our next workshop event “How to Design and Build a Green Home Addition or Custom Home” on Facebook. We invite you to be our friend on “wo built” or like us on “wo-built” and of course we would love to see you at our event. Feel free to RSVP.

Martina Ernst
Wo-Built Inc. - Innovative Design and Build

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