Thursday, 19 May 2011

A Year of Change and Development

A Year of Change and Development, Wo-Built progress and achievements, Corso Italia Toronto
Photo-Collage: A Year of Change and Development
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What a difference a space makes!?

This week, one year ago, we moved from the Lakeshore to Corso Italia. The physical relocation also marked a year of growth, of rethinking the core of the business and to manifest many of our ideas.

A year in Corso Italia brought us closer to many of our business neighbours and we feel very much at home here. The sense and maintenance of community is an important part of our company, either by helping to preserve it or by building it. We are taking an active part within the local BIA to help promote the area and throughout the last year we have written and tweeted about our neighbours, Corso Italia events (such as the annual Festival which will be held this year on July 2-4) on our Forum, Facebook and Twitter.

Being here also strengthen our believe that amending homes to the growing needs of families is much better than moving, especially if the family is already integrated in their neighbourhood. So after months of development we have just launched our idea of the standardized approach to design and build of a 2nd storey, making the idea more affordable.

Our office also influenced some of our design ideas. We have three windows and we just love the great amount of daylight and sun shine in the space. As I wanted to see the windows from every place in the office, all our dividers are designed transparent and are hung from the ceiling to give maximum flexibility and visibility, but break up the space into distinct areas. We are now promoting the same space planning idea to corporate clients.

Some of our posts in the past year dealt with our design philosophies, especially my love for conservatories and glass houses. I think the daylight in the office inspired us and we are now developing a new idea with glass houses in mind which we will unveil soon. It will also include green and food elements. I also blame the daylight in our office for another change. My background is lighting design and I was inspired to go back to some of my roots. Check out some of our lighting posts.

The move to Corso Italia has been good for us. It confirmed and inspired ideas. We feel at home and we look forward to a prosperous second year.

Martina Ernst
Wo-Built Inc. - Innovative Design and Build

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