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We Are Looking for Adventurous Building Owners

dream house architecture, the ranch, the tower, by wobuilt.comCollage: The Ranch and the Tower Projects:
Interesting Additions with Architectural Merit.
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Adventure is not something usually associated with construction at least not in a positive way. But it should be. When owners embark on a building project there should be the sense of adventure – for the design, the materials used, the innovations for the building. Buildings can be so much more than just boxes. And of course this applies for both residential and non residential.

The term "adventure" here is defined as the willingness to undertake risk. Not of course in the sense of using a cowboy builder and skimping on the permits and the choice of appropriate materials – not that kind of risk. But the risk to be daring, bold and enterprising, of looking at alternative innovative designs and materials, of being in the forefront of green construction, of considering architectural features different from the norm - that kind of risk should be considered.

We are looking for adventurous building owners, who have the vision of looking at a building project in an innovative way. In the past, we had the good fortune to work on residential buildings where our clients looked at a different aesthetics, different layouts and green considerations. In past postings we called two of them the "Ranch" and the "Tower". Both projects started out as bungalows and ended up with interesting additions and with architectural merit.

We like to be adventurous as well and push the envelope further. We like to think outside the box. In our dream house competition ideas we explored different concepts for living and even though they were hypothetical, they looked at possibilities outside the norm. We do not suggest that "adventurous" building owners have to go as far, but just allow yourselves to dream.

Part of the adventure is to incorporate the green design aspects. Green design does not only consist of using the appropriate materials, but also using the space and its environment to achieve energy and water savings and reduce our environmental footprint.

Our designs of spaces will include the consideration of living walls to cleanse the air and supplement the HVAC. Heat sinks in conjunction with heat recovery units to reduce heating. Rain and grey water recovery systems to reduce water usage, solar and wind power to reduce electricity and many more. But the key is balance between the need to reduce the ecological foot print, the wow factor that will make the space special and also the consideration for human comfort. Right from the start of the design we will take these conflicting requirements and design for the best possible balance.

Let’s be adventurous together.

Martina Ernst
Wo-Built Inc. - Innovative Design and Build

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