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Visit Our Office in Corso Italia and Discuss Your Dream Project

Wo-Built and Corso Italia article in Venus Creations In The Neighbourhood, 2011Wo-Built and Corso Italia
Venus Creations In The Neighbourhood
15th Edition, August 2011

Wo-Built and Corso Italia

We are often asked why we like Corso Italia and the surrounding areas so much. After all, as a general contractor we can have our office in any part of the city. Usually we say, people are friendly, we like the community spirit, great restaurants, everything you need to run an office and life is available on this traditional High Street. But on reflection it goes a lot deeper than this and it has to do a lot with deep rooted emotions. The area is very European – lots of patios where you can meet your friends and neighbours. The architecture is still very human scale, for better or worse the larger developers have not arrived here yet. Corso Italia and adjacent Business Improvement Areas have lots of green spaces and parks, everything is in walking distance.
Being here just over a year brought us closer to many of our business neighbours and we feel very much at home here. From the start we could get almost everything we need from the local merchants. We designed our office interior with flexibility in mind and some of our walls are made out of excellent fabric, which we got from Tessuti Venezia, just a few doors down from us. We use A3 Graphics as our printers and of course Amar Flowers for their excellent flower arrangements. Food plays a big part in our office life; we have staff and client meetings at Novecento, Tre Mari Bakery and Via Espresso. We go for lunch at our favourite spots at Agio Ristorante, Sunnyville Grill, Invictus, Porto and recently for great burritos from Big Boss Burrito. And we are adding to our list, during Summerlicious we tried La Bruschetta and we loved the food. We get our fresh fruit and vegetables from Diana Groceries and I even went clothes shopping when I needed special outfits. Also I have my personal Kung Fu trainer at Tiger Dragon Kung Fu downstairs from our office. My apologies if I have forgotten to mention anyone of our friends and neighbours and I am sure over time we will get to know all of you, especially if you come to the Venus Creations social gatherings.

The sense and maintenance of community is an important part of our company, either by helping to preserve it or by building it. We are taking an active part within the local BIA to help promote the area and throughout the last year we have written and tweeted about our neighbours, Corso Italia events, such as the Corso Italia Festival, on our Forum, Facebook and Twitter. We like to spread the word for this amazing area and we would love to connect with our neighbours on Twitter (@wobuilt) and Facebook (wo built) to help in their efforts to promote themselves.

The move to Corso Italia has been good for us. We even have a Corso Italia Festival Special Offer for a limited time – Sign-up for a Design + Build of an Addition, and we pay the permit Drawings (estimated value $2500).

We envisage us staying in the area for a long time. We value our ties with the surrounding businesses and residents. Our door is open for anyone who wishes to discuss design or construction related issues. We would like to invite anyone to visit our office and the surrounding businesses.

Martina Ernst
Wo-Built Inc. - Innovative Design and Build

This article was originally published in the 15th Edition, August 2011 issue of The Venus Creations In The Neighbourhood magazine, pp. F1/6.

Venus Creations In The Neighbourhood Magazine Our Corso Italia Neighbourhood Involvement Canada Day and Corso Italia Festival on Our Home Turf Design and Build for an Addition with Our Special Corso Italia Offer

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