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Illuminating with Presents from the IESNA

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Wo-Built Got Presents Today Courtesy of IESNA
This morning I felt like a kid in a candy store, two huge boxes were delivered to the office. From the IESNA, Illuminating Engineering Society of North America. Since I am now a member of the Society they sent copies of the current IES Lighting Library (Hurray!), including the latest IES Lighting Handbook 10th edition, a verifiable door stopper.

Looking back to my roots transforming spaces through light and my love for lighting design, this is going to be such a treat reading about the latest technologies and processes. The Lighting Library is a huge step towards Wo-Built’s goal to become more involved in large scale lighting and non-residential interior renovations. It brings the most up to date knowledge at our disposal to be able to add to our comprehensive experience about lighting. We are no strangers to large scale lighting projects having worked in the past with the Metro Toronto region school boards and on the Singapore MRT expansion.

One of the Publications caught my eye immediately: A Guide to Designing Quality Lighting for People and Buildings. As designers and contractors, we at Wo-Built are always pushing for quality design of spaces through our design processes. Therefore I wanted to see what the Society had to say.

Quoting a paragraph under the architecture section: "A successful lighting design supports the architect’s artistic intent. Lighting can be used to "paint" a space with light to meet the architect’s goals of inspiration, spaciousness, interest, etc." to highlight a fact it looks completely like my sentiments. In March 2011 I wrote a post Architectural Lighting Design as a Work of Art: Painting with Light where I compared the processes of painting and lighting design using a local artist’s painting for illustration.

Daylight design is an important aspect for our projects and I was pleased to see that the Society is putting emphasis on this topic. Our philosophy of light design was well presented in the description of a development of one of our addition project where we introduced skylights over the staircase. We achieved two effects: making the staircase a feature in the room and allowing plenty of daylight to penetrate to the lower open concept level as the staircase has a very open design. Further, we like daylight because it allows energy savings, but more importantly it enhances living and working comfort.

Looking forward now to attending meeting of the local Toronto Chapter, renewing old friendships and making new ones.

Martina Ernst, proud member of IESNA
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Wo-Built's Development of a Second Floor Addition Project 2008Wo-Built's Second Floor Addition Project
"...allowing plenty of daylight to penetrate to the lower level as the staircase has a very open design."
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