Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Are Preconceptions About the Skilled Trades Stopping Women to Become Apprentices?

Why do so few women choose the skilled trades as a career?Image: MS Office
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I started off this week wanting to write about two topics:
  1. Wo-Built’s "Your Dream House" Design and Build Program – our new service package
  2. My meeting with the Pre-Apprenticeship Training Institute (Patinstitute for short)
But while I was writing about the Patinstitute and their aspiration to attract more women to their training programs, I started to wonder why so few women think of the trades as a viable alternative.

These are the questions:

"Do we (as a society) have misguided preconceptions about the skilled trades and their suitability for women? Is this the reason why so few women think of the trades as a viable alternative? Or is it just a matter that the training and job opportunities are not known? And regardless of reasons, how can we attract more women to enter the skilled trades?"

I would love to have your opinions on this and I guess the two other articles will have to wait.

Martina Ernst
Wo-Built Inc

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