Friday, 18 May 2007

Wo-Built’s First Radio Interview

The Small Business Big Ideas Show is a weekly radio show in that is geared towards helping Small Business Owners.
The show can be heard on Sunday morning at 9 am on Oshawa's Oldies 107.7 FM and 1580 CKDO or on line at WWW.CKDO.CA.
Visit the show's blog at for the latest news and info.

On Mother’s Day I was interviewed on the Small Business, Big Ideas Show by the creator of the show David Cohen. It was a joint interview with Zack Steel of Careerfinger, a company that helps placing more people in the skilled trades.

We talked about women in the trades and how both Careerfinger and Wo-Built help women and men in the trades. For more information just visit and

We also talked about how there is no reason for women to be kept out of the building trades. Modern tools and building materials have made the work a lot easier than before. So you don't have to be strong, big and tall to do the work and anyone who wants to be in a good paying job can be. The trades are a great opportunity for both men and women. For more on the show, look out for the future audio or transcript posting.

And lots of thanks again to David Cohen for having Wo-Built on the Small Business, Big Ideas Show.
Wo-Built Inc

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Wo-Built’s First Radio Interview