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Interesting Reading: Perceptions of Barriers to Apprenticeship

Accessing and Completing: Apprenticeship Training in Canada
Perceptions of Barriers: A Consultation Report
January 2004
Credit: Canadian Apprenticeship Forum

I just came across an interesting consultation report, published by the Canadian Apprenticeship Forum in January 2004 on the 'Perceptions of Barriers' which prevent young people in particular to view the trades as a viable alternative to other careers.

The report states the following barriers:
  1. Negative attitudes to apprenticeship and a poor image of trades
  2. A lack of information and awareness of apprenticeship
  3. Difficulties with unwelcoming workplaces or training environments
  4. Costs of apprenticeship to individuals, employers and unions
  5. Concerns over the impacts of economic factors on work and apprenticeship continuation
  6. Concerns about the lack of resources to support apprenticeship
  7. Concerns about apprentices' basic and essential skills
  8. Shortcomings of workplace-based and technical training
  9. Issues regarding regulations governing apprenticeship
The report is fairly long, but if you are interested in encouraging people to go into the trades I recommend it as good background reading. Here is the link to the report.

Accessing and Completing Apprenticeship Training in Canada: Perceptions of Barriers.
Consultation Report 2004.
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Interesting Reading: Perceptions of Barriers to Apprenticeship

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