Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Design Corner: Outdoor and Spa Furniture Worth Mentioning

Photo courtesy of S.E. Design, Toronto, ON, Canada
As a general rule we do not give our support to products, but recently we came across a line of outdoor and spa furniture which is worth mentioning. Designed by Sabrina of S. E. Design the furniture pieces have great detailing and elegant design.

Check out Sabrina’s website at

We met Sabrina through our search for women in the skilled trades and, interestingly, she combines training in woodworking and interior design to create her furniture pieces. Her furniture shows that she is excellent at her craft and in addition she wants to help women enter the trades. A great role model for women in the skilled trades.

She has also kindly agreed to contribute an article or two about her experience as a mill worker. So, stay tuned for interesting stories.

Martina Ernst
Wo-Built Inc
S.E. Design's contact information:, S.E. Design is located in Toronto, ON, Canada

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Design Corner: Outdoor and Spa Furniture Worth Mentioning