Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Wo-Built's "Your Dream House" Program at a Glance

The Wo-Built's 'Your Dream House' Program at a Glance

This is our new 'Your Dream House' Design and Build Program which starts with a 90-minute 'Your Dream House' Assessment session.

The WO-BUILT 'Your Dream House' Assessment helps you formulate your ideal home and your ideal home renovation and enables you to communicate your visions to your contractor. Created by Wo-Built Inc, the assessment, is an important tool in you achieving your 'Dream House'.
"Wo-Built Inc developed the 'Your Dream House' Assessment to provide home owners with an invaluable tool which will enable optimum understanding of their dream house. By exploring their individuality and their unique problems and situations home owners can really determine what they want and what will suit them ultimately. Communication will be so much more effective between all parties and the results so much more satisfying," says Martina Ernst, CEO of Wo-Built Inc. "The 'Dream House' Assessment will enable home owners to voice their vision so much better than just showing the contractor magazines articles, pictures or design references from home improvement shows. This is seldom effective as the shows and magazines represent someone else’s taste and situation. So the concept is the same, but different and the difference is left to the interpretation of the contractor. Hence, often the results will fall short of expectations and disappointment is possible as everyone envisages similar things differently according to his or her own experience."
For a 90-minute 'Your Dream House' assessment in the Greater Toronto Area, Ontario please contact Wo-Built Inc.

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Wo-Built's "Your Dream House" Program at a Glance

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